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Guarding America's Natural Resources
US Military Adopts High-Speed, Energy-Efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryers as Part of Greening Initiative

Over the last decade, the Federal government has initiated major changes to its sustainable practices aimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and creating high performance green buildings. Energy statutes, regulations and Executive Orders have spurred Guard units across the country to plan and implement programs to that help achieve these lofty goals. The task of greening the Guard has largely fallen on Construction Facility Management Officers (CFMOs) and others responsible for facility management.

While the President has given federal agencies two decades to achieve some of his goals, there is a more urgent demand to meet others, such as 50% recycling and waste diversion by 2015 and a 30% reduction in vehicle fleet petroleum use in less than ten years. And with a soaring federal deficit, immediate cost savings would be a welcome relief to the federal budget.

Military and civilian personnel in the Guard are incorporating a number of solutions into their sustainability planning including solar powered hot water systems and high efficiency heating systems. But that equipment, while effective, is expensive, has long procurement and installation cycles and won't show immediate net benefits. That's why many Guard leaders are taking interest in green restroom design and the immediate benefits that come with replacing paper towels and older hand dryers with new, high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers.

According to military purchasing officers, installation of high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers result in:

  • Significant cost savings from using and disposing of fewer paper towels
  • Cleaner, neater, more hygienic restrooms
  • Lower electric bills when replacing older hand dryers
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Significant waste reduction

The green benefits of modern hand dryers impact the Guard at many levels:

  • Officials are making better, more accurate purchasing decisions
  • Budget dollars have been freed-up to purchase additional restroom supplies
  • Janitors are now performing more critical tasks, spending less time on restroom maintenance
  • Transport personnel are delivering significantly less paper, driving fewer miles and creating less pollution

California National Guard

Major Craig Sandman, Facilities Maintenance Manager, Sacramento, CA

Installed high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers in select Guard facilities from southern California to the state's northern border with Oregon.

OBJECTIVE: "Slowly but surely we're trying to eliminate paper towels so it's not even a thought in the future. We have a finite amount of money for janitorial supplies and paper towels can be anywhere up to forty percent of that budget, and that's huge."

TACTIC: "I can install one hand dryer and replace a bank of paper towel dispensers, and that's a big deal to us."

RESULTS: "We can stop purchasing and shipping all those paper towels; we don't have that solid waste build up and I think it's a lot more sanitary and better looking."

COMMENTS: "We found the dryers to be an easy install. We can run an electrical line into a restroom pretty easily and it's done in just a matter of hours, and that's the beauty of it, when you immediately eliminate the paper towels."

CONCLUSION: "We don't want to give people a choice between paper and hand dryers, but when we do people tend to use the dryers because they want to do the right thing."

"The National Guard is America's representative around the world. Being green is critically important — it's part of our global mission. We're environmentally conscious and using dryers to reduce paper going into the waste stream makes a strong statement."
- Retired Col. Deborah Roberts
Former Construction and Facilities Officer

Colorado National Guard

Retired Col. Deborah Roberts, Former Construction and Facilities Management Officer, Centennial, CO

Installed high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers in three buildings at National Guard headquarters in Centennial.

OBJECTIVE: "We have a solid waste reduction program and one of our goals is to reduce the use of paper towels. Using paper towels is a drain on resources. There is also a cost associated with disposing of those paper towels. We want to reduce the amount of waste we are putting into the waste stream."

ADDITIONAL CHALLENGES: "We're a readiness center and on weekends more than 200 reservists come onto the base, so if you can imagine keeping paper towels stocked for two days for 200 hundred people; it's a huge problem and when you run out of towels people don't have any choice but to wipe their hands on their uniforms."

TACTIC: "We put a small stack of paper towels near the door but we're trying to condition people's behavior so they use the hand dryers."

RESULTS: "We have reduced the amount of paper towels we use and throw away. This project has been a success and we will be putting dryers in all of our other buildings."

COMMENTS: "We are now making more accurate purchasing decisions especially when troops come in on the weekend. We used to run out of paper towels quite often and we'd scramble to replace them with more expensive rolled paper towels; you never run out of blowing air."

CONCLUSION: "The National Guard is America's representative around the world. Being green is critically important — it's part of our global mission. We're environmentally conscious and using dryers to reduce paper going into the waste stream makes a strong statement."

Federal Agencies Using XLERATOR®
These federal agencies have already specified XLERATOR:

  • Department of Defense
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Navy
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Transportation

Vermont National Guard

Mr. John Patry, Military Operations Manager, Colchester, VT
Installed high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers at four Guard facilities widely dispersed across the state.

OBJECTIVE: "Our goal was to reduce the amount of paper, disposal fees, energy costs, and improve our overall environmental impact. We're doing everything we can to improve our environmental impact and to be

TACTIC: "We went from the older style dryer that lightly blows at you — and fails — to high-speed dryers that really dry your hands. The old dryers took too long and people didn't use them. Instead, they were using paper towels that were also in the restrooms."

RESULTS: "People actually got dryer hands and there has been an increased use of the air dryer. We've reduced our paper consumption by 50 percent and we're also using much less electricity and disposing of fewer paper towels. I also like the cleanliness. I don't have to touch the paper towel dispenser or a piece of paper."

COMMENT: "We have armories all over the state and had to bring paper towels to those facilities. Now we're not carting paper towels around and using up our natural resources."

CONCLUSION: "This is a better value in terms of energy costs, labor savings and maintenance; this really convinced me that high-speed hand dryers are the standard in drying hands."

After seven years in the marketplace, the XLERATOR hand dryer has received numerous awards and designations, regularly has case study articles published in prestigious trade publications, and has even been featured on national television programs. Because of its proven performance and customer satisfaction, XLERATOR is specified in many high profile facilities and has become THE NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD! For more information on the XLERATOR hand dryer call Excel Dryer toll free at 1.800.255.9235 or visit it on the Web at

Federal sustainability initiatives such as energy statutes, regulations and Executive Orders are all aimed at protecting and defending the natural resources of not only the United States, but of the world. Many Guard officials have started meeting these lofty environmental goals by using highspeed, energy-efficient hand dryers such as the (Made in the USA) XLERATOR, the number one selling hand dryer in the world, to save time, money and the environment.

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